Elegance in Every Journey

Introducing the VOYAH Free, where the elegance of stylish design meets the innovation of Chinese engineering. Crafted by the most talented designers, every curve and contour embodies three core principles: Light, Quiet, and Elegant.


0 to 100 acceleration

106 kW

Bidirectional Battery

500 km

WLTP Range

5 Star

C-NCAP Rating

and Safety

Safety is never compromised. Equipped with advanced intelligent systems and reinforced body components, the VOYAH Free ensures peace of mind on every adventure. Proudly, all VOYAH vehicles have been awarded a five-star rating in the C-NCAP test, a testament to our dedication to your safety.

Features that

VOYAH Free comes fully-loaded, boasting a range of features that set it apart. Highlighted features of the VOYAH Free include:

  • Advanced driving safety systems
  • Night vision-enabled camera
  • 360-degree independent air suspension
  • Smart glass panoramic roof
  • Luxurious massage front seats

Freedom to Explore

Discover the unparalleled driving dynamics of the VOYAH Free with a hands-on test drive. This masterpiece of stylish design showcases exquisite craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainable, high-quality materials. Beyond its comfort and safety features, the VOYAH Free offers ample space for the driver, co-driver, and passengers, all while maximizing cargo capacity.

Experience Voyah
in person


Comfort Meets Luxury

Crafted byt the most talented designers, the VOYAH Free boasts meticulous attention to detail. The upholstery seamlessly extends to the door panels and crowns the dashboard. With quilted patterns on the seats, sofa, and inner door panels, luxury is evident in every stitch.

The dashboard is a technological marvel, featuring three interconnected screens, each operable independently yet harmoniously unified. For a tailored driving experience, the dashboard's height is adjustable. When in sport mode, it lowers, immersing you in a focused driving environment. For added safety, certain features are deactivated in this mode.

First Class Seats
12-way adjustment, heating, cooling & massage
50W Fast Charging
for your electronic devices
Dynaudio Hi-Fi Audio
12 premium surround speakers
Eco Friendly & Healthy
OEKO-TEX baby grade skin-friendly upholstery
Intelligent Panaromic Sunroof
10-step dimmable glass that blocks %99+ of UV

Interior Color Options


Mall of Tripla

Fredikanterassi 1
1. Floor
00520 Helsinki

Lempäälä Ideapark

Ideaparkinkatu 4
37570 Lempäälä

XBIL Vantaa Airport

Kiitoradantie 3 01530 Vantaa


Ihantie 2 A
33400 Tampere


Kuninkaanväylä 35
20320 Raisio
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Premiere Oct 1, 2023

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